What the Stay-Home Covid Situation Has Taught Me

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

What I've learnt about myself during this stay-home period.

1. It’s About Priority Rather than a Lack of Time

Prior to Covid, I was one of those people that thought that non-essential activities like baking should only be left to seasonal times when it was someone’s birthday or during festive seasons. I often associated baking to something stressful because it was done at a stressful time. But with the Covid situation bringing a lockdown in Singapore, baking is now one of those things that people find time to occupy themselves with.

On the other hand, if you really look at it, we haven’t gained more time with a lockdown. The days and hours remain the same. Yes, we might have some activities that have been cancelled on the weekends but the hours remain the same. As a non-essential worker like myself, I still work the same the number of hours on weekdays and have the same two days as weekends. In fact, for some of us, more time now is invested into other things like preparing meals on weekdays or taking care of kids full-time which we otherwise might not have done in the old normal.

The only difference here is that, I have started to prioritize activities that are important to me and have stopped using the excuse of the lack of time. I realised that even though I am making more things in the kitchen than I did pre-lockdown, I still do these activities on weekends. And with more practice over the last few weekends, these tasks somehow feel less challenging and even seem easier.

2. It’s Okay to Slow Down

The coming of Covid has forced many activities to stop and slow down and I too have definitely been affected by this move. At first like most people I was worried at whether I would lose the momentum that I had already started running this organising gig of mine. But instead of fearing it, I gave myself time to take a pause and relook at the direction I’m heading into.

3. Necessity is Truly the Mother of Invention

With once less popular supermarket items flying off the shelves, at the time of a pandemic I’ve had to make do with the ingredients I already had on hand. This meant more pantry dishes being cooked. Instead of despairing (ok maybe I did a little), I enjoyed the process of really hacking my way through any of these challenges.

And while I don’t have the pictures to show at the moment (although the mental picture of it is pretty clear) I felt an immense sense of satisfaction of cooking a meal from scratch using only the ingredients that were available without relying on the usual shortcuts of pre-cooked products. It taught me that there is always more than one solution, more than one approach to things and there isn’t always a right way for things to be done.

4. My Life is Pretty Full as it is

In the past, I used spend my free time going out with friends and looking for exciting events to attend, new shops to see so I wouldn’t feel like I was missing out as a still-young Singaporean. But ever since the lockdown, I’ve had to content myself with what I had on my hand within those four walls and the strangest part is that I don’t really miss much of my old life pre-lockdown. I feel an exciting sense of pleasure to just be content with what I have and what’s in front of me than to feel like I was part of a race that never seemed to end.

This lockdown has shown me that all I need are the people I truly care about and those that in turn care for me, an old-hobby turn new-exciting hobby and perhaps a couple of mind-numbing shows to get me through this.


I’m just going to end this post with four points only because four points is all I have and what I really need.

How has the Covid lockdown been for you? What have you learned about yourself from this period? Let me know in the comments!

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