How to Organise When You Are Lazy

With the New Year comes new resolutions and goals. And perhaps one of the biggest questions is about how to organise when you are lazy because that feeling happens ever so often…

I will admit here that the reason why I keep organised (and I’m sure other people feel the same way here too) is because I’m lazy! I remember the days when I had to spend at least 20 minutes just to find baking utensils to bake a cake only to realise that majority of the ingredients were expired. Baking was not something I really looked forward to back then because the entire process was cumbersome. Keeping organised helped to remove those roadblocks and helped me enjoy other hobbies that I didn’t previously find enjoyable because being disorganised wasted valuable amounts of time. In this article I dish out 5 tips to organise when you are lazy.

1. Kick Perfectionism Off Your List

The worst way to organise when you are lazy is to begin with a mindset that everything has to be perfect. Things do not need to be perfect. The important thing here is that you found the motivation to get organised and progress is progress no matter how little it is for a start.

You may set out with the goal of de-cluttering your shoe cabinet for the week but only realise that you only managed to make space for two extra pairs of shoes while you have six other pairs lying on the floor. And that is okay. You may not be ready to part with your items that quickly but want to tidy up the surrounding area. The point here is to be consistent. Try de-cluttering your shoe area again in two weeks, you may start to reconsider your options and realise that you might not need to own that many shoes and eventually you might be able to fit all your shoes in one area.

2. Focus on One Organising Goal Per Week

You know how bigger goals are achieved with smaller milestones? The same logic applies to organising. Break down one organising goal for the week into small, bite-sized task that you can tackle easily at the end of each day before you retire to bed.

If your goal is to tidy up the dining table, sort one pile each day and decide if you should throw or return items to their rightful place in other places of your house.

3. Set Aside 5-15 Minutes Each Day to Complete One Task

While you are designing simple daily tasks as you work towards your organising goal, remember to allocate a fixed amount of time to perform the task. I would recommend spending about 5-15 minutes each day. 5-15 minutes each day is a really short span of time so there is really no excuse when it comes to making organising part of your daily life.

4. While You Are at it, Design a Routine

One of the best ways to be organised is to create a system designed for days when you are extremely lazy and probably have no motivation to do anything. On days when you are feeling lazy there are still some basic things that most of us would do and that is because part of our brain runs on autopilot.

To take advantage of this autopilot response or to rather cultivate this autopilot response when it comes to organising is to simply know ourselves really well and understand our daily patterns about how we operate in different living spaces. By doing this, we would be able to design systems that are convenient, easy to access and easy to design routines on because routines take advantage of our autopilot response while ensuring that a daily task gets done.

5. Save Time in the Long Run by Keeping the Momentum Daily

The key to keeping organised even when you are feeling lazy is to create a momentum for yourself at the vey beginning when you are feeling extra motivated to organise. Once the momentum to keep organised is already in place, it becomes part of your daily habits like your own personal code to live by. But this of course takes a lot of hard work and constant practice especially for those of us who were never accustomed to it.

But think of organising this way – organising takes up a lot of time especially when you need to go through the process of de-cluttering and then re-organising things back into a place. Maintenance on the other hand, takes up a significantly less amount of time than having to keep setting aside time to organise after a broad amount of time has elapsed since your last big organization weekend while ensuring that your place remains relatively neat on a daily basis.

To Conclude…

In conclusion, the only real method to organise when you are lazy on a day-to-day basis requires a necessary evil of actually working through your organising goals. And that means splitting up your goals into manageable tasks no matter how small it may be for now.

Sometimes goals are more easily achieved with the help of someone to guide you along or to even breakdown your organising goals into smaller milestones for you. Drop me a message for a free organising consultation and we can discuss your organising goals for your home or office at

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