I would like to start off my blog with a post on curation. I like the word curation. Curation as I define it is a deliberate and mindful process of collecting, selecting and displaying items that represent who one is to the world and to the people around them. In fact, you can’t curate without being purposeful about it.

So why am I talking about curation in my first blog post? Well, its because it is one of the core values guiding why I am starting this professional organizing business in the first place. I want to be able to help people explore ways and methods to live a more sustainable life in Singapore while still maintaining their sense of identity as individuals. I often get asked the question about whether I am a minimalist. And in the in the age of individuality and non-conformity, I so too refuse to conform to any organizational constructs. There is irony there isn’t it? (An organizer who is refusing to belong to any category)

And so I’m starting this journey off by asking a simple question – how to live a more curated and sustainable life?

Curation is a process of organizing and organization. We make different decisions everyday, both predictable and spontaneous (because life’s like that). The question is are we just sleepwalking through life or do we decide today to make the conscious effort to mindfully design life in a way that best reflects our values and aspirations?

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist, a maximalist, a hoarder, something in between or anything else, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is if our things and our life are properly curated.

How would you describe your life situation now?

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