8 Quick Tips to Spring Clean Your Home this CNY

As I write this, I know that this post is probably coming in a little late. Some of us have already started on the spring cleaning routine but I also know that there are still many of us that are just getting started over this weekend to pack it all in. So I sympathize. In this blog post, I will be sharing eight quick tips to buzz right through the spring-cleaning routine.

1. Don’t Pack it all in One Day

If you are planning to leave spring-cleaning your home to the very last minute, (meaning just two days before), chances are you are probably not going to accomplish much. Spring-cleaning is a process with a series of tasks so try to spread it out by doing one task everyday.

2. Prioritise which areas to start first

While spring-cleaning in its true form means that all areas of the home would need to be cleaned, in reality, I know that most of us do not practice this. But it’s ok. The purpose of spring-cleaning to kick off the new year to a great start with a clean home. Ultimately, I think the goal of spring-cleaning is about prioritising the cleanliness and upkeep of a home and should not only be a one-off, once a year sort -of-thing. So if you are a busy professional, and homeowner, start with areas that you consider a priority to get work done first.

3. Spread out Your Laundry Days

With modern day washing machines, there is simply no excuse not to get laundry done, even if you only have two weeks. Make a commitment to do a load of laundry when you come back from work every evening and use the timer on the machine so you can hang your laundry to dry before going off to work. By doing one load of laundry a day, I’m sure you would be able to get most things washed before the 25th.

4. Get Your Whole Family Involved

Who says spring-cleaning is a one-person only job? Get the whole family involved to make your life easier. Assign one family member to be in charge of one task like cleaning windows, cleaning the fans or changing the bed sheets or even just being in charge of de-cluttering their own room. Managing a home is like running a business, it takes a group of people and not just one person to make things work.

5. Start with Surfaces First

If all else fails to go according to plan, prioritise the visible spaces around your home and start working on those areas first.

6. The 25-Items Challenge

To make things more exciting and to also commit to the whole buzz of spring-cleaning is to challenge yourself to pick up 25 items everyday around the house and decide to throw, recycle, donate or to return to the right area of your home. This task should take you about 30 minutes each day to complete it. Think of this as a 15 days before Lunar New Year challenge.

7. Stop Buying Occasion Only Pieces

As someone who believes in prevention is better than cure, the best way to stick to your new year resolutions is to do it a year before. So as you are shopping for your new year clothes, try looking for pieces that you know you will wear throughout the rest of the year and not only to weddings, especially if you already own a few occasion only pieces. This will save you the heartache of throwing out pieces that are too pretty to be thrown but also hardly ever worn.

8. Get Professional Help

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to get professional help if you simply can’t find the time to de-clutter or clean your home. There are a great number of cleaning agencies and professional organisers that can help to get the job done. But remember that organising is a habit and it might be useful to work with someone who not only can help get your home organised but more importantly the people living in the home so spring cleaning becomes easier the next year. Like I said prevention is better than cure right?

Drop me an email at hello@re-orgbyval.com or at my Whatsapp at 98551801 if you would like to have a quick chat about your clutter challenge at home or in your office!

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