5 Ways a Professional Organiser Can Help Your Singaporean Household

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Being a Singaporean, I am familiar with the culture of live-in maids and in that context, while maids in Singapore help ensure daily cleanliness of our households, keeping your home organized is an entirely different matter.

If you are the type of person who is naturally minimalist and neatly organized and having a live-in maid or part-time helper to assist with regular maintenance then your home is likely to stay tidy.

But what if you are one of those who are not? What if you are those few that do not even have help with the regular maintenance of your household and organizing is just another truckload of tasks that you might not get around to? Even having a maid does not guarantee that your home is likely to be organized.

In this article, I’ll be sharing Five Ways in which a Professional Organiser Can Help You.

1. Cleaning and Organising are Two Different Things

Let me get right to addressing the elephant in the room. Cleaning and organising are two different things. Cleaning is about regular maintenance of commonly used spaces like living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. The objective there is to ensure that these regularly used spaces are kept sanitary for continued everyday use. Organisation on the other hand, is about going through things that you own and curating them in a manner so that you are able to easily access those items when you need to either on a daily or occasional basis.

Imagine you were on your way to town and decided to “stop by” the library to pick up a cookbook. You go to the cookbooks section only to realize that other book categories are now part of the collection. Imagine that the National Library Board stopped hiring library assistants to help you find your books. Imagine that the library didn’t have those unique identifier codes for your book. Oh imagine the frustration you’ll have!

In most cases, our homes are not equipped with library assistants who help in retrieving books for us when we can’t find them or a database system to determine if the items are still in our possession. Having a professional organizer can help you in designing different organizational systems for your home so that you would be able to find things more easily as and when you need them.

2. You Feel Stuck

When “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” released early this year, you were probably one of the first few to watch it. After the show, you probably thought to yourself that you could DIY your own home. So you picked up a few tips from Pinterest and then headed down to IKEA or Muji and join the other hundred homeowners in line. That trip to IKEA was already a one-day special activity for the weekend.

You tell yourself that you are going to start with just this area of your home but then life soon gets in the way. You postpone organizing to a few weeks later and then realize that your organizing plans have changed. You or your other family members suddenly become very sentimental and want to keep almost everything that they already have in exactly the same place. Come Monday morning, you start to wake up to having a very determined attitude towards organizing again when you can’t find your stuff and the cycle repeats.

When it comes to organizing, it is sometimes not only about getting you, the homeowner excited about wanting to organize. More often than not, it’s about getting your whole family onboard with your home goals. With a professional organizer by your side, you would be able to look at your space from a third-party perspective. A professional organizer would be able to come as a neutral party to help design systems that suit you and your family’s daily lifestyle needs so that all of you can find your things easier. Because who wants to queue at IKEA over the weekend?

3. You Need your Home Cleared Out Fast

You probably sold your house at a reasonable profit and are given one month to move out of your current place. You start to get down to packing only to realize that one-month isn’t sufficient. You soon find yourself packing all the items you have into boxes without throwing anything away thinking that you would have more time to sort it out later when you move in. I would elaborate more about why this is a problem in my next point.

Even hiring a moving company to help you pack, does not solve the issue of carefully choosing items that would fit into your newly designed space. Having a professional organizer to help would definitely help to speed up the packing process while also helping you to clearly identify the items that you want to keep.

4. You Just Moved (and are not sure where things go)

You have communicated tirelessly with your interior designer or contractor over the last few months and have finally designed the home of your dreams. You are in the process of moving when you realised that you have more items than your current space can handle. Because houses in Singapore just keep getting smaller. You expect the process of moving in to be easy only to realize that it is turning out to be too much hassle because earlier in point 4, you packed everything that you had praying that it would all fit into your new home.

While interior designers can help design the big permanent storage fixtures in your house, sometimes many of us get lost in the details of our own mess and a lot of times our things are not accounted for. A professional organizer will then work with you to really look at the items you want in your life and help to designate new spaces with new storage systems in place.

5. You Have More Important Things To Do

It is a known fact that Singaporeans are busy especially with our news outlets constantly updating us about how we are one of the most sleep-deprived citizens in the world. We all work very hard for our professions. Whether you are a busy professional or an entrepreneur running a home business, if given the choice, you would rather spend time on building your career or your business. After all, when it comes to growing money it is more effective finding more than one way to make money than to simply save more.

Tasks like organizing are likely to be very far down in your list of things to do. While it is still possible to function amidst the chaos in your home, the purpose of this is to look at how you can be more productive and that often translates into having a good night’s rest in a stress and often clutter-free home.

In Conclusion ...

With Grab, Honestbee and our friendly neighborhood hawker centres, it is easier to outsource our daily necessities (like transport, laundry and food) these days so why not get help from a professional organizer? Stop leaving organizing tasks to a traditional get-the-whole-family-all-worked-up spring-cleaning session(s) just a few days before special festivities like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali just because the god of fortune or relatives are coming over. Organising only gets easier once you include it in your daily routine but first get help designing a system with your professional organizer.

Curious as to how a professional organizer can help with your specific needs? Schedule a clarity call with me today.

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