5 Simple Ways to Tidy Up Your Beauty Stash

According to a recent Business Insider news report, the beauty industry is currently valued at $532 billion thanks to a rise of beauty influencers on YouTube and various other social media channels. With each season brings new beauty trends and with that more new entrants into the market and of course more products targeted at consumers young and mature.

So how do we navigate the sea of temptation and even confusion of new products while ensuring that our beauty stash remains curated and organized for ourselves? In this post, I share 5 quick tips to tidy up your beauty stash.

1. Designate an Area for Your Beauty Station

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For those who do not have the luxury of space in their room, try fixing up a wall shelf with a large mirror in front of it. Having a designated space would allow you to save time doing your skincare or makeup in a certain place instead of running around the room trying to retrieve your products everyday.

2. Invest in Organisers

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With new beauty products recommended for every level of skincare from acne to occasional spots, an organizer is definitely a must to help you find what you need so that you can conduct your multiple step skincare routine stress-free.

3. Section them into Day and Night

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Products that can only be used in the PM routine are often required to be stored in a dark place. Find a concealed drawer or cabinet near your beauty counter so that you would be able to access products for night routine, so that you can conduct your self-care ritual in peace.

4. Use Only What You Need

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Perhaps the simplest of rules is to use only what you need. Multiple products can make routines confusing especially when certain skincare products are not meant to be used together. Also think about how much time and effort you will need to remember the number of products and in what order to use them and how much space it takes up.

5. Apply the No-Buy Rule

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Following rule number four is to apply the no-buy rule. The no-buy rule is essentially a system coined by a growing number of beauty YouTubers who have pledged to reduce their consumption of makeup and skincare products by first finishing products that they already own or have already opened instead of moving on to other products just because they were not super keen about the products that they have tried. Keep in mind that skincare and makeup products often have a limited shelf life.

This rule goes back to the golden rule of not spending money that you don’t have and beauty products do not come cheap in the long run with this habit. Instead do concrete research on beauty products prior to the purchase even if they are cult products. Think about how much money and disappointment you would be saving yourself from.

In Conclusion

Skincare and beauty products are simply not hallmarks of your individual self-worth and beauty and therefore should not be used as personal trophies meant to be either shown off as part of haul videos even it’s just for ourselves to witness as part of our fear of missing out or simply validations of our own coming of age. Instead, take time to slowly curate research on items that will work for you.

Need help with organizing your vanity area or other areas of your house? Drop me an email and we can discuss different ways and systems for organizing your beauty stash.

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