5 Signs You Need to Start Getting Organised

Are you one of those homeowners who feels that your house is “fairly organized?”

Here are some signs that may cause you to re-think how organized your home is with some quick tips to address it. After all, home should be a place where you can relax in and not set you up for another major task for the weekend.

1. You Are Not Able to Find the Things you are Looking For

Are you spending more than 15 minutes to locate an item? See yourself shouting around the house for the next family member who may know where your item is?

Tip: Start organizing similar items together and place them in visible areas so you can easily find them.

2. Buying Duplicates Without Realising It

On those days where you decide to pack a little, you soon realize that you have at least three duplicates of the same item scattered across the house. This happens most commonly for food items when we rush to get our grocery shopping done over the weekend, we often get bombarded with many weekend supermarket promotions and so we end up buying duplicates.

Tip: Try writing down a list of items to buy and then check around your house for existing items. When it comes to promotions, ask yourself how often you use the item. Don’t buy items that you are probably going to use only 6 months down the line because you would probably have changed your mind by that time.

3. Your House is Always Cluttered

Your dining table is hardly ever used for eating. Your expensive leather couch is hardly ever used for sitting. You don’t use the furniture around the house because they are up often used for storage instead of what they were intended for.

Tip: Start by organizing commonly used areas like your dining or living area where you spend the most time. And start using items the way they were intended for.

4. “Grass is Greener” Feeling

You leave your door opened at a 45-degree angle not just so that you can get some breeze into your house but because you don’t want your neighbors looking into the clutter that envelopes your living room. You always imagine your neighbour’s house to feel much bigger than yours.

Tip: Stop comparing yourself to your neighbor or how you got the smaller unit out of the others. It is not always about the size of the space but about what you do with it. A space would naturally feel larger with lesser items in it and lighter colours do help make a room visually larger.

5. The Thought of Organising is Stressful

You are probably aware that you need to start organizing by now. You even feel slightly enthusiastic about the idea. Then you look around and realize that your stuff comes in all shapes and sizes, belonging to different family members around the house. You start to estimate that the time needed to get organized is going to be longer.

Tip: In my experience, the key to getting something done is stop over-thinking it and to start getting down to task. Start organizing the items that you own first and then move on to organize with the rest of your family.

Need Help?

Feel like you need help of someone to guide you through the entire process from a third-party perspective? I offer professional organizing services and will help to guide you through the entire process of setting up different organizational systems and tasks so that you have one less thing to worry about at home. Schedule a clarity call with me here.

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