About Me .


Professional Organising? What is "professional organising?" I define it as a process where a third-party professional skilled in organising comes into your home to help you deal with clutter. All of us have different personalities and have very different attachments to items. There are some of us who have slightly more difficulty dealing with clutter and getting rid of items that once meant a lot to them. Then there are others who simply don't have the time or energy. Organising is work! And here's where I come in. Re-Org by Val is here to serve busy professionals or more sentimental individuals like you to look at your items objectively in order to curate items that serve as tools for you to live a more productive life while reflecting your own lifestyle as a homeowner.


My role here is to facilitate and empower the individual to re-design a lifestyle to become one of purpose where our possessions assist us as tools in our everyday life. Here’s to re-organizing your everyday life for a fresh start!

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