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Organising is about Re-Design

It’s not about creating the perfect space to keep up with the design trends we see on the Internet . It’s about re-creating an arrangement that works for you where treasured things are organised in a logical manner and according to your everyday lifestyle. Re-organise so that you can truly focus on the things that matter. Re-Org By Val aims to accomplish that by re-organising individual spaces that conform to your everyday life - clutter free.



"Valerie customised a reorganisation plan based on the results of a short inquiry session about my daily routine and habits. The items in my room are arranged in a convenient yet visually appealing manner in accordance with the results of the inquiry session."

Peiying, Human Resource Executive

“I am pleased to have Valerie help me organize my clutter.  I am a quite a hoarder. I have a weakness for beautiful gift boxes/containers especially mooncake boxes but often have no use for.  I used to have difficulties finding my stuff and very often ended up buying duplicates. I now have a very neat and organized pantry which makes retrieving dried and canned goods easily.”

Janet, Financial Controller and mum to two

“I am a sentimental person who likes to keep things which holds a certain meaning to me. Be it from plushies which I caught in the arcade to a bag which I used for my first job which is already damaged, this eventually caused my room to be in a mess with things that I might not need. Val worked with me on this sentimental challenge of mine which resulted in a less cluttered and more organized room."

Benedict, Marketing Manager

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